The Top Ten Reasons DeerFest Will Attract Huge Crowds & Impact Your Business:

  1. Wisconsin sells over 850,000 deer hunting licenses each year.
  2. The economic impact of deer hunting in Wisconsin tops $1 Billion annually.
  3. Oshkosh is located in the heart of Wisconsin’s largest population base.
  4. Oshkosh has a strong history of drawing large crowds to events.
  5. The July dates are when hunters are in full-gear preparing for the upcoming season.
  6. Wisconsin hunters are successful—the average harvest over the past five years is nearly 500,000!
  7. Wisconsin has big deer! No state has more Pope & Young / Boone & Crockett entries.
  8. Event grounds conveniently located at major interstate exit.
  9. DeerFest promoters are also serious deer hunters with more then 25 years of experience running successful shows!

DeerFest is your opportunity to impact one of the most influential and wealthy deer markets in the nation. Wisconsin is “everything deer” and Oshkosh has a strong history of attracting large crowds to events, shows and festivals. Booth space at DeerFest will be very limited (less then 80 indoor booths are available). Make sure to reserve your booth early for your chance to impact this highly influential deer hunting market.

Wisconsin Is Everything Deer!

Few states, if any, can match Wisconsin’s deer hunting history, passion, and outright addiction. Deer hunting is firmly entrenched in Wisconsin’s culture. Consider these facts:

  • Wisconsin ranks in the top 5 annually in total license sales with over 850,000 deer hunting licenses sold each year!
  • Wisconsin has averaged a deer harvest near 500,000 over the last 5 years ranking it #2 in the nation!
  • Wisconsin has more Pope & Young and Boone & Crockett entries then any state in the nation!
  • Wisconsin estimates the economic impact of deer hunting at over $1 Billion annually!

Wisconsin has lots of hunters with lots of money and lots of deer with big racks! DeerFest is your opportunity to increase your sales by impacting this highly influential audience!

Oshkosh Equals Huge Crowds!

Oshkosh is the perfect home for DeerFest. Centrally located within the state of Wisconsin, Oshkosh sits in the heart of the Fox River Valley—Wisconsin’s largest population base. Oshkosh is also just over an hour’s drive from both Milwaukee and Madison—Wisconsin’s two largest cities.

Oshkosh has a proven history of drawing HUGE crowds to events and shows! Home to the EAA’s annual fly-in attracting over 650,000 show attendees each year. Oshkosh is also home to Country USA the nation’s premiere country music event attracting over 150,000 fans each year. Oshkosh was also home to the annual Ducks Unlimited festival attracting up to 75,000 visitors each year!

Oshkosh and DeerFest equal Big Crowds and Sales for Exhibitors!