DeerFest Top Picks

The DeerFest staff just returned from the Archery Trade Association (ATA) and Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade (SHOT) shows with the opportunity to preview hot new, and time-tested deer hunting products.

Following are the DeerFest staff top picks of deer hunting products that “you just can’t live without”.
Not all of the products had images available for us to illustrate so we have included the web address of each company so you can view each product.

Admittedly we certainly didn’t have time to see each and every product launched or displayed at these two shows.
If you have a product you would like featured on the DeerFest site please email the product information and a high-res image to us at: bigmacmedia@live.com.


DeerFest 2011 Top Picks

FastJac Tree Stands

We’ve all been there—hanging by one arm, one foot on a step 20 feet above the ground trying to hang a stand. No more struggles—FASTJAC is the quick, easy and safe way to hang stands. Simply attach Fastjac to any tree and hanging any stand becomes quick, easy and safe! Fastjac raises your stand to the desired location and holds it in place allowing you to easily secure the stand to the tree, when finished you simply remove Fastjac and you are all set to hang your next stand—-hanging stands has never been easier, and more importantly safer!

Check out the FastJac Website for more details and ordering information.

Leverage Lightweight Treestands

Hard to top the so many great treestands and treestand accessories on today’s market—-BUT, Leverage Lightweight Treestands may have done just that and they are asking you to give them a “TRY OUT”! From Hang-Ons, Climbing Sticks and Speed Ladder Stands, Leverage Lightweight Treestands promises “Don’t just take our word for it. Try a Leverage for yourself. Stand on it. Sit in it. Stand on each corner. Fold it. Carry it. Extend the ladder (it telescopes). Move the ladder. Carry the sticks. Once you try a Leverage and from a Leverage we think you’ll never go back”.

Leverage Lightweight Treestands feature a unique platform and seat leveling system along with a Hanging Assist System. Combined with all aluminum construction and their dual post design and a unique honeycomb platform design—add it all up and you get “Leverage”!

DeerFest gave the all-new Leverage stands a “Try-Out” at the SHOT Show, and you know what—-they may be right—you may never go back. Check out the complete line-up of Leverage Lightweight Treestands at www.leveragetreestands.com.

Stic n Pic

No Tree? No Problem! Stic n Pic has made trail camera set-up quick and easy in any location! Designed by experienced Wisconsin deer hunters the Stic n Pic is a must for anyone addicted to trail cameras (and we all are)!

Simply attach any brand of trail camera to fully adjustable Stic n Pic. You can adjust the height of the camera from 26” to 46”. It rotates a full 360 degrees and you can even tilt your camera up or down. Made from 100% steel the Stic n Pic is durable and reliable and has a unique base to guarantee it won’t tip over!

Easy set-up and results no matter where the location. The DeerFest team highly recommends the Stic n Pic. For more info visit www.sticnpic.com.

Midland Radio Corporation

Of course Midland is famous for, and provides numerous radio related products for the hunting industry—however—it is there new “Wearable Video Cameras” that caught our eye at SHOT. Video taping hunts has never been more popular and now Midland has made it easy, and cost effective for you to tape your own hunt or provide an additional unique camera angle. Three different models are available, but for the price we would highly recommend the XTC-300/EXT350 which shoots in full HD. Check them out at www.midlandradio.com or facebook.com/midlandradio.

Matthews Z7 Extreme

In 2010 the Z7® earned the prestigious awards as Outdoor Life’s “Editor’s Choice” and Field and Streams “Best of the Best”. With such a proven pedigree, the new Z-Series™ of bows is sure to offer archers of every niche, exactly what they are looking for. The flagship Z7 Xtreme™ is aggressively compact and offers a rare combination of size and agility for all hunting situations. Those in need of draw lengths up to 32” will find the Z9™ as an ideal solution to their shooting needs. If you are looking for a combination of raw speed with all of the advantages of single cam bows, than be sure to check out the new Z7® Magnum™. If your preference calls for a slightly longer bow that draws very smooth with great speed, then the new eZ7® may be the perfect fit for you.

Click here for more information on all the different Matthew’s Bows!

Woods and Water, Inc.

Woods and Water, Inc., has been making treestands for more than 30 years, including custom versions for people with special needs. Woods and Water’s new 12 XL stand is one of the company’s finest and includes aircraftquality aluminum construction, nylon bushings at all joints for smooth and quiet performance, and a black anodized finish on all metal parts. It’s one of the stands left on the market that is still made in America, and all Woods and Water stands have a lifetime warranty on all metal parts.


Rage 2 Blade

With bow season opening across the country, bowhunters are finding that the revolutionary new Rage 2-blade broadhead is providing unbeatable success. This incredible broadhead flies like a field point and has a 2″ cutting diameter upon deployment. This revolutionary design provides maximum penetration, inflicts large entry and exit wounds, and ultimately increases your potential for animal recovery.

Compared to “over-the-top” mechanical broadheads, the RAGE™ expandable’s patented SlipCam™ rear deployment system offers three distinct advantages over traditional mechanical broadheads: eliminated deflection, fully deployed blades upon impact, and minimal loss of kinetic energy. Unlike other expandables, the unique design of the RAGE™ expandable broadhead tip eliminates deflection and allows for true arrow flight through your target. Because this superior design guarantees fully deployed blades upon impact there is minimal loss of kinetic energy, which allows for deeper penetration. The entry and exit wounds speak for themselves!

IQ Bowsight

In any shooting sport, consistency is the key to accuracy. In the archery world, the new revolutionary IQ Bowsight—with its patented Retina Lock system—is about to redefine everything we thought we knew about consistency and accuracy. Used correctly, the IQ Bowsight will extend your effective range by ensuring your hold, form and anchor point are all absolutely consistent from shot to shot, from the range to the field.

The genius of the Retina Lock design is its Tunnel Vision System that places a magnifying lens in front of a colored optic element inside of the bezel. Only when perfectly aligned, the Retina Lock produces a green glow behind a black centering dot, verifying your position, hold and anchor point are consistent every time. It’s fast, intuitive and almost effortless, but the brilliance of the IQ Bowsight is that it performs equally with or without a peep sight.

For digital photographs contact Karen Lutto at Karen@hunteroc.com or Kimi Herndon at kimi@hunteroc.com.

GlenDel Buck

GlenDel Buck target revolutionized three-dimensional shooting with its layered foam insert and lifelike appearance, and now it takes archery shooting to a new level. The new GlenDel Buck now has the PolyFusion four-sided shooting core.

The GlenDel Buck stands 34 inches at the shoulders and has a body size of a 150-pound live-weight deer. The 11-inch square PolyFusion core provides ample shooting space on four sides of the target. The PolyFusion design gives you longer target life with easier arrow removal.

GlenDel Buck is available immediately at retailers nationwide and retails for $159.99.

Headquartered in Superior, WI, Field Logic is the manufacturer of the award-winning BLOCK and the new BLOCK Fusion. It also manufactures GlenDel 3D Full Rut targets. For additional information, visit the company website at www.fieldlogic.com.

BLOCK Classic

The new BLOCK Classic is available with its innovative high-contrast black-and-white layout. This design brings back the original BLOCK look but reversed for more contrast to provide the shooter better target acquisition for both short- and long-distance shooting. The patented technology of the BLOCK Classic stops arrows with friction rather than force. This simple revolutionary concept set the standard for archery targets by providing target durability and easy arrow removal. Archers can practice with field tips, fixed blade or expandables with out fear of wearing it out after a few hundred shots. So, keep on practicing.

BLOCK Fusion

Without question, the BLOCK Fusion has been the most popular archery target on the market since it was introduced, and now, this revolutionary target has been redesigned and renamed the BLOCK BLACK. This state-of-the-art target now offers a new High Contrast Design for better visual acquisition and PolyFusion technology that allows for even easier arrow removal while maintaining its incredibly long target life.

DeerFest 2010 Top Picks

Mathews, Inc - http://www.mathewsinc.com OK, we’re cheating here because you had no chance to “Catch Mathews If You Can” at either show. They didn’t exhibit at either show, probably because the world knows they continue to push the bow limits—how do they out do themselves each year?
The NEW Z7 is next in the great line of bows from Mathews (www.mathewsinc.com). We’ve shot it, friends have shot it, industry professionals have shot it—we ALL AGREE!
Smoothest, quietest, most accurate bow we have ever shot—EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS—Go Ahead, Try To Catch Them If You Can!
Nikon - http://www.nikonhunting.com Nikon wins the award for the coolest thing we saw at either show, and to make it extra cool—it is FREE to all hunters. “Spot On Ballistic Match Technology” will debut this February at www.nikonhunting.com.
Nikon’s BDC Reticle scopes have changed the way we shoot our deer guns and now you can see exactly how each scope performs with any gun and any load. Simply enter the scope model, the gun, the load, zero distance, scope power setting, weather and more and the NEW Spot On
Technology will tell you the exact distance where each of the dots is “dead-on”. You can even print a neat little chart to carry afield. Amazing, check it out!
Hunter Safety Systems - http://www.hssvest.com Safety First! The folks at Hunter Safety Systems (www.hssvest.com) have made safety simple, fast and comfortable with the all-NEW and improved Premium Pro Series Vest. The new pro series is 25% lighter then previous models and includes all of the special features that make it the most user friendly vest HSS has ever designed.
New stronger, lighter rubber coated leg straps, single front buckle, elastic armpits, 8-pocket design, ventilated back, and HSS one-of-a-kind built in binocular / rangefinder straps—and of course—NO Velcro!
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