DeerFest Top Picks

LaCrosse Technology - http://www.lacrossetechnology.com Is the weather important to your hunt? Interested in forecast, barometer, wind or moon phases? We thought so,
and LaCrosse Technology (www.lacrossetechnology.com) provides all of the detail and forecast you will need with
their fine line of Atomic Weather Stations and Clocks. Our favorite is the Weather Professional, but check out
their entire line-up to see which product fest fits your needs.
Browning - http://www.browning.com Remember shouldering the perfect gun and saying, “YES” this is the one? Everything just felt perfect! That is
exactly how we felt with the all NEW Browning (www.browning.com) BAR Shorttrac! All the quality and features you
have come to expect and demand from Browning including an aircraft grade alloy receiver drilled and tapped for
scopes and now this baby has some real eye-appeal in the all new Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camo! Of course it
is protected by Browning’s Dura-Touch Armor Coating! It’s short, light, sexy and comes in 10 calibers!
Drury Outdoors - http://www.druryoutdoors.com Most seasons are only three months long—what do we do the rest of the time?? Watch Drury Outdoors
(www.druryoutdoors.com) videos. I have no idea how Mark, Terry and their Drury team do it year after year?
They continue to kill huge bucks year after year and their videos will teach you their tricks along the way—-maybe
someday we can all end up on a video! We can’t recommend one video over the next? They are all very good and worth
watching, check out the entire library.
ScentLok - http://www.scentlok.com OK, Maybe we saved the best for last? The DeerFest team has long believed ScentLok (www.scentlok.com) technology totally changed the hunting industry—for the better! Give me the best of the best products as I head into the woods, if a mature buck smells me I will lose every time—ScentLok evened the playing field with their odor eliminating technology years ago and now the industry leader is eliminating that big bucks second best defense system—his eyesight! ScentLok’s all new Vertigo™ technology mimics the natural dark-on-light visuals of the woods and disturbs a big buck’s ability to use visual peripherally to identify predators! Get Close, and Go Undetected with ScentLok!
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