DeerFest Top Picks

Code Blue - http://www.codebluescents.com You can have the best equipment in the world, but you are not equipped with a whitetail’s nose!
If he smells you—you will lose! Code Blue (www.codebluescents.com) offers a complete line-up of scent elimination
products under the EliminX brand. From odor eliminating sprays, field wipes, stealth dust and body wash & shampoo
to laundry detergents and dryer sheets. EliminX makes sure it makes sense! Check out the new EliminX Stealth Pouch
Scent Eliminator. These easy to use pouches are perfect for your boots, under car seats, in bow and gun cases,
duffle bags and luggage and in the field to dust your hat, gloves and clothing for the ultimate in scent protection!
King's Camo - http://www.kingscamo.com King’s Camo (www.kingscamo.com) did the impossible—a new camo pattern/technology. King’s has long been a leader in the western and
predator hunting markets and now their NEW Woodland pattern is poised to take the Midwest by storm. Developed from real life conditions
in the thick wooded forest by balancing colors and delivering a pattern that is not too dark the high definition detail in the bark,
leaves and branches provide a contrast that gives a stunning depth within the pattern from near and far. If you don’t fill your tag
early, check out King’s Snow pattern as well!
Ameristep - www.ameristep.com Step up to the top on the all NEW Bone Collector™ ladder stand from Ameristep (www.ameristep.com). Their 22’ Skyscraper has long been our
favorite ladder stand and now the NEW 20’ Bone Collector™ edition incorporates a full width ladder in addition to all of the popular
skyscraper features and 20’ above ground is still plenty high! Add in the all NEW Bone Collector™ enclosure system and it is the
ultimate in ladder stands!
The Block - http://www.blocktarget.com Of course you would never think of taking your bow in to the woods until you are confident in every shot. If it will take you more then 20,000
shots to get there then the only target for you is the Block (www.blocktarget.com). The Block stops field tips, broadheads and expandables with
it’s polyfusion technology providing easy arrow removal for over 20,000 shots. The Block is available in four sizes for every shooting situation
and if you get bored shooting at “square targets” get your hands on the GlenDel Full Rut. The GlenDel is the largest deer target on the market,
bigger then anything you’ll encounter in the woods and combines all of the Block technology.
If you have never been entertained by a deer decoy…Start today with Flambeau Outdoors (www.flambeauoutdoors.com) Boss Buck.
Nothing is more exciting then watching a buck posture and work his way into a decoy and no decoy looks more like the real thing
then the Boss Buck—Be Careful he looks so real you may want to shoot him!
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