DeerFest Top Picks

UnderArmour - http://www.underarmour.com Of course you can’t even begin to talk about cool, neat, and performance without thinking Under Armour
(www.underarmour.com)! UA burst onto the hunting market several years ago incorporating their line-up of
performance apparel into hunting clothes. It’s hard to pick just one item from their impressive line-up—so we
will go with two, but highly recommend you check out their entire line-up. We like the Denison Jacket.
The Denison features ArmourStorm™ construction that is water and wind proof, to keep your core warm in the
toughest conditions. We also like the Camo Artic Beanie. The Beanie will keep your head warm, and you’ll look
cool in the process!
Kolpin - http://www.kolpin.com Food plots are the rage of the deer hunting world and Kolpin (www.kolpin.com) can now trick your ATV into thinking
it’s really a tractor with it all NEW Dirtworks Series ATV 3-Point System. It has a 12v electric motor for heavy
lifting, but most importantly to supply 300#s of ground pressure (no more cinder blocks, rocks or logs needed) to
provide better soil penetration. The easy-no tools needed—system makes it easy to change implements and from work
to play. The rocker switch mounts to your handle bar making soil depth adjustments and transport simple and easy
without ever leaving the drivers seat! Trick your ATV into thinking it’s a tractor!
Summit - http://www.summitstands.com Get Grounded! If you have never hunted from a ground blind—start tomorrow! It is hard to beat the thrill of facing a whitetail eye-ball
to eye-ball from a ground blind and the team at Summit (www.summitstands.com) has made it easier then ever with their NEW Run-N-Gun series of
ground blinds. Trust us, there has never been an easier ground blind to set up, no more Rubik cubes! This fine series of blinds sets up in 10
seconds and takes down in five. The secret of the Run-N-Gun is a unique inverted high-tension framework that works like an umbrella—it is easy,
simple and quick and of course you get all of the features you’d expect from Summit: Large shoot thru windows, vented roof, waterproof UV
protected denier material and a digital camo exterior. Stand Your Ground!
Sport Vu - www.jkoutdoorproducts.com Sport Vu (www.jkoutdoorproducts.com) lets you shoot it, record it, and play it back instantly! We all want to capture our hunt and shot
on video and now the Sport Vu makes professional quality production simple and easy right from the stabilizer of your bow. Don’t be fooled
by the size, the Sport Vu records, and takes still images, in super high quality with amazing low-light ability. It’s small, attaches to your
bow allowing you to capture arrow flight and impact but it includes features like a 1.5 inch color screen for immediate playback, a built in
microphone, and holds up to 90 minutes of video to a 2GB SD card.
RAGE - www.ragebroadheads.com Did the best broadhead ever just get better? YUP, there is a new RAGE (www.ragebroadheads.com) to put in the Cage! It’s hard to make the best
better but the folks at Rage have introduced a new line of Titanium broadheads. Titanium’s superior strength-to-weight ratio means a smaller,
tougher ferrule, which allows for a larger instant cut tip and better penetration. The new titanium’s come in both a 100 and 125 grain model
and continue to produce the most nasty hole in the industry with a 2-inch+ cut! Rage also offers the 40KE with the same amazing cutting
technology for short draw lengths/light draw weights. Put a Rage in the cage and it’s game over!
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