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Largest Gun Auction In History, Sunday!

Largest Live Gun Auction In DeerFest History! 

Lots of Ammo and Other Hunting Product Too!

DeerFest 2021 will feature the largest live gun and ammo auction in the event’s 12 year history on Sunday, August 8th. Preview will begin at 11am with bidding to begin at noon.  

Below is a partial list of the guns we will be auctioning at this year’s event.  If you have been looking for a great deal on a new gun, or need some ammo make sure to come out on Sunday, August 8th

New pistols:

 Colt Python 6″ Stainless target 357

Taurus G2 and G3 9mm pistols blued and stainless

Ruger 9mm SEC 9mm

Taurus TX 22 pistols

Beretta APX 22 

Taurus  Judge 3″

Sig P365

Beretta Centurion 9mm

Beeman 9mm Derringer

Beeman 38 cal Derringer 

Sig 365 XL 9mm

Taurus TCP 380

Single action Heritage revolver

Long Guns:

SW Stainless VE 9mm

SW VE 40 cal

S&W EZ-9mm

STR 9mm

SAR 9mm with multi grips

Rock Island 45 ACP

Phoenix 22  Stainless

Ruger LCP w/laser

Remington Bolt action 270

Remington bolt action 30.06 package

Remington bolt action 270 package

Remington bolt action 300 win mag package

Winchester bolt action Cerakote 6.5 Creed rifle

Winchester bolt action 7mm Rem Mag package w/Vortex 3-9 scope

Winchester bolt action 30.06 rifle

Winchester bolt action 270 rifle

Winchester bolt action 6.6 PRC rifle

12ga Bullpup

Anderson AR-15

S&W AR-15

Colt match target AR-15

S&W AR-22

Browning Bolt action rifles 300 win mag

Browning Bolt action rifles 6.6 Creed 

Browning Bolt action rifles 7mm win mag