Join us Sunday for a Live Auction at DeerFest

Here is a current list of items:

Original Colt Python stainless steel target

Original Colt Anaconda stainless 8″
Colt 1911 Match Target 38 Super ( made within days of Colt closing )
Original Colt original AR-15 Patrolman ( same used by military in Afghanistan)
Weatherby 12ga Orion shotgun  Over Under
SS S&W 9mm
SS S&W 40cal
Sig Hell Cat
Sig 365
Benelli Super Bloack Eagle
Assorted Winchester Bolt action rifles
Winchester 3.5″ camo shotgun
Beretta AX pistols assorted colors
Ruger AR-15
S&W AR-15
Multiple other AR-15
Numerous range pistols by S&W-Ruger-Springfield-Glock
75 assorted used shotguns and rifles 

Spotting scopes

Ravin R-10
Ten Point Titan M1
Ravin R26X